Want to get away? We know that you’ve heard that before. ENERI Productions will take you to some exotic, intriguing
and captivating locales. Meet the people, taste the cuisine and feel the local flavor along with us. After watching our shows, you’ll be booking a trip!

There are so many stories to tell. There are so many people
to meet. We take you to some interesting places that you
may never journey to and you will meet some fascinating people making a difference. The stories that we produce
will make you think

Companies have relied on us to deliver a visual brand portrait. Our videos are informative, yet entertaining. We offer an engaging and dynamic interpretation of your corporation and it’s products. Whether it’s targeted to your clients or your employees, our videos provide a concise visualization of your concept!

Have an idea for a product you are trying to sell? If not, we can help with that! We can research, write, shoot and edit your commercial for you!

Looking to videotape that “unscripted” moment. We go
“behind the scenes” to capture impromptu settings with the famous and not so famous

Internet Television and Podcasting is a way of publishing video and audio broadcasts via the Internet. Specifically, podcasts are feeds that contain digital audio and video files. Viewers can subscribe to feeds using software that periodically checks for and downloads new content automatically. Once you subscribe to a podcast, you can either watch it on your computer or transfer it to a portable MP3 player, such as an iPod. If you want to podcast, give us a call!

Copyright © 2007 ENERI PRODUCTIONS. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2007 ENERI PRODUCTIONS. All rights reserved.